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Welcome to Cedarbend Photography! My love of photography started when I was on the yearbook staff in high school where we developed film and processed our own prints. Over the years I have enjoyed taking pictures of various parts of life. The digital format has made photography even better and I am always looking for the next photo opportunity around the corner. I have covered various sporting events and family gatherings. I am presently shooting high school sports for the local newspaper and I am looking forward to other freelance opportunities in the future. Because it’s important to save special moments of life, I strive to tell the story in each one of my photos. Thanks for viewing my work, Rick Skeen


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Pearland High School 2013-2014

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Abshire Engagement

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Dawson Band Banquet 2013

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Mixed Bag

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Hot Rods & More

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Brazos Bend State Park

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Reporter News 2014

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Reporter News

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